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Say hello to the leader in manufactured home lending

Founded in East Tennessee in 1995, 21st Mortgage Corporation is the leading national lender specializing in manufactured housing loans and inventory financing for retailers and community owners/operators. 21st Mortgage, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, underwrites and originates both consumer and commercial loans in nearly all 50 states. With a company history of service and commitment, 21st Mortgage’s CASH Lending Program is the comprehensive solution for all communities. You can be sure the CASH Lending Program from 21st Mortgage is your answer for improved home sales and rental opportunities. Let’s open some doors.


Contact a Business Development Manager (BDM)

greg valentine

Greg Valentine

Office: (800) 955-0021 ext.1219
Direct: (844) 343-9382
Cell: (865) 684-8782

tony faulk

Tom Faulk

Office: (800) 955-0021 ext.1244
Direct: (844) 232-0591
Cell: (704) 477-6952

Longworth_ Rob

Rob Longworth

Office: (800) 955-0021 ext.1328
Direct: (866) 727-4822
Cell: (865) 607-5685

Community Account Managers (CAM)

Once setup, your community will have a dedicated Community Account Manager to guide your customers throughout the loan process and offer you and your property managers support.


Delaney Harr

Phone: (800) 955-0021 ext: 2146

NMLS #2133732


Ethan Layman

Phone: (800) 955-0021 ext: 1416


Justin Ledford

Phone: (800) 955-0021 ext: 1303

NMLS #1810028


Natalie Medlock

Phone: (800) 955-0021 ext: 2147

NMLS #2132954


Tyler Thomas

Phone: (800) 955-0021 ext: 1413

NMLS #2290712

to help

Let us show you the way to fill your community and fully capitalize on your investment. Our team is ready to answer questions and provide clear guidance on every detail.

In order to best serve our operators, we require a new operator to have a minimum of 10 vacant sites in the property to get setup on the CASH Program.


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