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Home Sales process

Research your market

Researching your market to determine the factors important to your customer helps you determine the appropriate price point and product mix for your market. Considering the average income, population demographics, housing supply and demand, housing alternatives and affordability will lead you to choose an appropriate business model and occupancy approach in your specific property. Should you have used homes that need to be sold, please go to the Used Home Sales page to learn more.

determine the home invoice

To help ensure your customer can afford the monthly payment for the home they purchase, it is important to choose a home at a wholesale cost that will be in line with that monthly payment. Use the home invoice calculator below to help you to determine the appropriate home for your market. Start with the customer in mind and enter the monthly payment your customer can afford. Complete the calculator to get help determining the right wholesale cost for a new home you will order from a manufacturer to ensure the monthly home payment will be in your customer’s budget range.

home invoice calculator

Monthly payment customer can afford

Estimated Set Up Cost*


Sales Tax Rate


Monthly site rent

Estimated monthly insurance and taxes

Orgination points

Term (if over $50k then 23 yr term)

*Typical set up for a single section home is $8,000 or $10,000 for a multi section home.


Monthly payment customer can afford

Loan Amount

Estimated sales tax

Sales Price

Set up without Margin and Tax

Manufacturer Invoice

Choose your homebuilder

Choosing your home builder requires a lot of research. Factors to consider include size, floorplan layout, price, quality and availability in your market. The manufacturer’s map is a tool that shows the locations and contact info for manufactured home building facilities across the country to help in your research. Use the manufacturer’s map to narrow down manufactured home building facilities within a suitable proximity to your property to take delivery of homes.

View the Manufacturer's Map

order your home

Understanding the process of placing your home order can help ensure a smoother ordering process and timely home delivery. Choosing which home to order and approving the order for production at the facility are initial steps in ordering a home. Preparing the home site properly and planning to take delivery of the home when it arrives to the property allows you to set the home up and occupy it as soon as possible. Considering timing for steps such as prepping the home placement site, ordering and approving the home and taking delivery of the home are all part of the home ordering process.

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Receiving delivery of a new home to your property is an exciting event. Taking care of the home asset by ensuring it is received and set up properly is vital to the long term useful life of the home. Receiving the home when it comes offline at the home building facility initiates the set up process. Once the home is on site, checking the home for damage or service repairs should happen within days of receiving the home. Coordinating with contractors to order materials and complete the labor for the installation of items such as a foundation, skirting, A/C, steps and services for utilities takes an organized effort to get the home set up and ready for occupancy for your new tenant.

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Once the new home is delivered and fully set up, we will reimburse your set up expenses while the home is vacant and for sale. This will free up the capital you intended for setup expenses. Our set up reimbursement guide provides the steps and necessary documents to get reimbursed for set up expenses.

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To advertise a home price, you will need to understand how to set the sales price in accordance with our guidelines. There are important items to consider when setting the sales price for the customer, such as home costs, setup expenses, sales tax, fees, etc. Keeping the sales price affordable for the customer helps customers budget for the home payment resulting in more loan approvals and more home purchases. Knowing this price up front also reduces any confusion when a customer shows interest in purchasing a home.

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Creating an appealing environment for buyers bolsters success in home sales. Presenting a clean home that feels welcoming and move-in ready is part of the home sales process. To purchase a home, customers need to be informed of the available options for lending to complete the purchase of the home. 21st Mortgage helps inform a customer by providing point-of-sale marketing materials to display in your community, in your office or in a home. Display these items so your customers are aware that financing is available to purchase a home. Our materials help direct customers to our online payment estimator so they can determine a down payment and estimated monthly payment on the home of their choice. Allowing a customer to see potential monthly payments on a home allows them to make the idea of home ownership a reality. Our point-of-sale marketing materials are available at no cost. Please setup an account to order them at www.21stmarketingmaterials.com.

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hands holding keys signing contract


Once the home is ready for occupancy, it’s time to advertise and sell the home. The next part of the journey is the sales and loan process for the customer to purchase the home and obtain financing to execute that purchase.

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