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To pull in potentially interested buyers, you should consider the different mediums and platforms available to get the word out that you have homes for sale in in your community. This includes referrals from current tenants, social media, online listing websites, local advertising mediums, etc. To generate sufficient traffic for sales momentum, advertise frequently and through the channels where your target customer will get your message.

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Showing the home effectively is important for customers to see its true potential. The look and feel of their potential future home helps a customer determine if they would like to own the home, and the presentation of the home influences that experience for a customer. Having someone available to show homes is paramount to a successful closing rate on home sales, whether that is an onsite manager, a management company or someone that can meet a customer the community to show them available homes. Staging the home also adds to the curb appeal when showing the home to potential buyers.

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The customer wants to purchase the home and is ready to apply for a loan. The loan process requires the submission of a lot of information to determine the customer’s creditworthiness. The application is the opportunity for the customer to provide us with the information we need to make an informed decision and potentially approve their loan request. The application can be submitted either via a paper application or through an online application. As the seller, you will also need to supply information on the home the customer wishes to purchase and on the community where the home is located. Our dedicated Mortgage Loan Originators are available to help you and the customer understand and complete the loan process. Upon submission of the application and seller information, we will review the application and make a decision on the loan request.

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Upon an approval decision, we will issue a conditional approval and inform you and your customer of their approval. The approval notice will have the terms of the loan approval and the conditions that need to be satisfied to continue with the loan. Our Mortgage Loan Originator will reach out to inform your customer of the loan terms and pending conditions.

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To move forward with the loan process, the conditions listed on the approval need to be satisfied for us to issue a contract package to be executed. Certain conditions will need to be supplied by the customer and others will need to be supplied by you as the seller. The conditions include items such as verification of employment, verification of income, a copy of the community site-lease agreement, a copy of the home invoice or home title, etc.

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After the conditions have been submitted and accepted, it is time to order the contract package to close the loan. We will create and email over the contract package for your customer to sign and submit. Once the contract package documents come back to 21st Mortgage, there are still pending items to ensure we have everything necessary to create a loan and title the home. The home has to stay vacant when the contracts are signed. 21st Mortgage will notify the you as the seller and the customer of any pending items needed to complete the loan.

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When all pending items are received, 21st Mortgage will book the loan. The customer is now able to move into their new home! This is an exciting time for you, the customer and 21st Mortgage. The customer has a new contact person here at 21st Mortgage that will help them with any loan-related servicing inquiries. The customer is now a homeowner in your community!