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Selling a used home likely means that the home will need some refurbishment work before it is ready to be listed for sale. Used homes should be refurbished in order to show a customer. If any repair work is in progress, be very clear what will and will not be repaired or replaced with any interested customer and include this in writing on a purchase agreement to ensure both parties are clear what work is being done to the home. Walking the customer through the home to discuss this helps get the customer on the same page. In addition to home refurb, you may need to obtain a certificate of occupancy, ensure the home is ready for utility services, pay property taxes, etc. Another item to consider is the title to the home. As the seller, you will need the home title so you are able to sell it.

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To advertise a home price, you will need to understand how to set the sales price in accordance with our guidelines. There are important items to consider when setting the sales price for the customer such as sales tax, fees, etc. Our guidelines allow for a sales price on a used home to be based on values derived from either a NADA assessment or a Datacomp appraisal. Keeping the sales price affordable for the customer helps customers budget for the home payment resulting in more loan approvals and more home purchases. Knowing this price up front also reduces any confusion when a customer shows interest in purchasing a home.

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Creating an appealing environment for buyers bolsters success in home sales. Presenting a clean home that feels welcoming and move-in ready is part of the home sales process. To purchase a home, customers need to be informed of the available options for lending to complete the purchase of the home. 21st Mortgage helps inform a customer by providing point-of-sale marketing materials to display in your community, in your office or in a home. Display these items so your customers are aware that financing is available to purchase a home. Our materials help direct customers to our online payment estimator so they can determine a down payment and estimated monthly payment on the home of their choice. Allowing a customer to see potential monthly payments on a home allows them to make the idea of home ownership a reality. Our point-of-sale marketing materials are available at no cost. Please setup an account to order them at www.21stmarketingmaterials.com.

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Once the home is ready for occupancy, it’s time to advertise and sell the home. The next part of the journey is the sales and loan process for the customer to purchase the home and obtain financing to execute that purchase.

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